Qualified Accountant

4th Unit 46 Ilford Lane, Ilford, United Kingdom, IG12JY
Phone: +02084788840
We operate a fixed fee basis for most of our services so that clients know their fees in advance each year, and can settle these fees by a monthly direct debit arrangement, however if you require a one-off or annual service please do get in touch so we can discuss.

Each business or individual will have a different level of accounting needs so giving an exact price is difficult before we meet you.

We have outlined our typical monthly fees below – these are just guideline prices, please get in touch with us so we can quote for your specific circumstances.


Get in touch with RPCompany for a free consultation. We’ll learn about you and your business so we can discuss what kind of service you need.

You’ll then register with us and sign an engagement letter.

You’ll get in touch with your old accountant, if you have one, and let them know you’ll be switching to RPCompany. We will give you an advice and how to do this in the right manner.

You’ll give us access to the information in your accounts software, or you can give us your records by post/in person.